Company One

Show Us Your Stuff

Company One accepts unsolicited manuscripts of full-length, original plays by living American writers.

We are a mission-driven theatre, and select plays for development and production based on their intersection with our guiding social and aesthetic philosophies. We welcome submissions from local and non-local writers alike.

All scripts must be submitted as pdfs, and must be accompanied by an application.


When you click the link below, you’ll be taken to the Company One submission page at

  • Type in your email address twice, as directed.
  • You’ll receive an email from Company One with the subject line “Please Confirm Your Email” (If you don’t receive this message, check you email client’s spam folder.)
  • The email will contain a link, unique to you, which will take you to the application form.

Things to Keep in Mind:
Company One's mission is to change the face of Boston theatre by uniting the city’s diverse communities through innovative, socially provocative performance and the development of civically engaged artists.

Our productions are frequently multi-ethnic; we don't often produce small-cast plays or one-person shows. Aesthetically, we don't tend to produce strictly realist plays; instead we often lean toward pieces with some sense of heightened theatricality.

We are Boston’s most celebrated indie theatre. Like its counterpart, independent film, indie theatre pushes boundaries. It’s scrappy. It demands attention. It’s resourceful, it’s inventive, it’s imaginative, its makers are as diverse as the stories they tell. Together, we create plays that are highly theatrical and tell stories from the margins. We celebrate the playwright, and the electrifying relationship between the performers and audience.

You can learn more about our company history here, and our production history here.

If you have a proposal for a multi-disciplinary, or multi-organization project that doesn't fit the traditional notion of "script," feel free to email us directly. Please include "Proposal" in your subject line:

Any questions about Company One’s new work activities should be directed to