Company One

Education + Outreach Overview

Stage One: In School
Student Feedback

"I became more open and honest with others."

- Accishe


"I grew as an artist and a person."

- Eduardo


"It was very good because we learned how to communicate."

- Mohammed


"This class was fun and worth it!"

- Daniella


"I now feel more comfortable speaking in public."

- Cesar


"This class is powerful."

- Clevio


"You can be yourself, and not worry about people judging you."

- Jimmy


"Working with Company One has improved my life skills a lot in terms of being open-minded, and being respectful and friendly."

- Kevon


"I appreciated working with Company One at our school.  I identified several key goals for our ESL students, and developed the curriculum in coordination with the teaching artist.  I was both teacher and student.  Infusing theatre arts into the ESL Language program helped students develop their academic vocabulary, understand the play's genre, achieve higher competence on the ELA MCAS, develop their oral language skills, and build on the supportive group dynamic that I develop in my language class."

- Torii, teacher at BATA