Company One

About Us

Company One is a resident company at the Boston Center for the Arts.

Our mission is to change the face of Boston theatre by uniting the city’s diverse communities through innovative, socially provocative performance and the development of civically engaged artists.

Company One, recently called one of the ten "most inspiring and innovative theatre companies on our national landscape" by the American Theatre Wing (The Tony Awards), is an award-winning nonprofit theatre company in residence at the Boston Center for the Arts. Company One produces professional theatrical productions and comprehensive educational programming. The company offers Boston four shows on its Main Stage, three on its Second Stage, and both in and out of school educational programs for high school students and adults. In all its endeavors, Company One uses the artistic experience to foster social change. To that end, the company is committed to building community, to broadening arts participation, and to eliminating social divides.

Since its inception in 1998, Company One has become nationally known for providing the most progressive, racially and socially provocative programming in Boston. Company One has been instrumental in diversifying Boston's theatre community of artists and audiences, staging more than 35 professional productions with a culturally diverse range of playwrights and performers. Additionally, its in-school and extracurricular educational programs have enriched the lives of over 10,000 students

The Company has received a National Theatre Company Grant from the American Theatre Wing, Elliot Norton Awards, Independent Reviewers of New England Awards, Massachusetts Cultural Council Awards and has been named the "Best Fringe Theatre" by local media. In 2010, two Company One productions received national media attention from The New York Times: GRIMM, a world premiere commissioned from seven award-winning playwrights, and Annie Baker's THE ALIENS, a collaboration with the Huntington Theatre Company & Speakeasy Stage Company inspired by Company One's unique audience base. Identified as " of the city's most important small companies" by The Boston Globe, Company One has been instrumental in bringing younger and more diverse audiences to the Boston Center for the Arts to see and participate in socially and politically relevant theatre.


"Company One is one of the most intellectually and theatrically adventurous theater companies with whom I've worked. They treat artists with great respect and care deeply about reaching diverse audiences. They're in the business of making theater for all the right reasons."
- Annie Baker, Obie Award-Winning Playwright

“Consistently cutting edge — progressive and high quality performances”
– RC

“We do not miss a Company One show. Every performance stimulates the mind as well as entertains.”  
— anonymous

“Innovative and inspiring new voices — great production values…prepared to take risks and offer outstanding theatre to build diverse audiences”

“I have left C1 productions feeling entertained, enlightened and more thoughtful. I applaud them for their work!”
— J Chiang

“Company One is one of the most unique theaters I have come across. I've never been unimpressed with a Company One show. They bring a necessary diversity to the Boston theater scene. Not only do they put up great performances, but they are genuinely nice people. Company One is fantastic, case closed.”
— Carrie

“I've been to a number of Company One productions and they never fail to offer up something fresh, dynamic, unexpected and creative. This is true not only of the performances, but of the entire experience —the choice and interpretation of a variety of scripts, the music, the sets, the costumes and the inventive use of different types of media all contribute to making each Company One production lively and unforgettable.”
— Mark O

“People from New York City claim that there isn't any worthwhile theater happening in Boston. Those people have not experienced a Company One production. With a commitment to seeking out young talents from urban communities and presenting relevant material on stage Company One is not only innovative but is also unique.”
— Marina O