Company One

Workshop: Aditi Kapil's DISPLACED HINDU GODS

The trilogy workshop will take place on the nights of April 9, 10, and 11 in the BCA. We are having auditions at the BCA on Sunday, March 30 starting at 1pm. Please email with a headshot and resume to secure a slot or to ask any questions. We are interested in seeing performers of all races, genders, and body types. Character breakdown below.

The trilogy is based on the trinity of Hindu deities- Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva- each displaced into the contemporary Western world. This theatrical marathon features a variety of styles: a stand-up comedy routine, a girl-gang thriller, and a post-colonial fantasy. While each play stands alone, they co-exist in a common universe where displacement, identity, immigration, and puberty are explored through the lenses of creation, survival, and destruction.

Brahman/i: A One Hijra Stand-Up Comedy Show

This hilarious stand-up comedy routine/play takes on history, mythology, gender roles, and high school through the distinct comic lens of Brahman/i: an intersex boy/girl tethered by neither gender nor culture, and wildly curious and inventive in his/her examination of both.

Brahman/i: A Hijra (East Indian hermaphrodite/intersex person). He is in a primarily male gender identity in Part 1, she is in a primarily female gender identity in Part 2, he/she lives in a dual gender identity in Part 3. A stand-up comic.

J: A white backup bass-player, not a great musician necessarily. He's that appealing strong silent type, most comfortable not being the focus.

The Chronicles of Kalki

A comic-book infused girl-gang thriller that chronicles the adventures of Kalki, a young girl who may or may not be the final Avatar of Vishnu, come to rid the world of demons and evil. Kalki: About 15. Female. South Asian. Possibly the final avatar of the god Vishnu

Girl 1: About 15. Flexible ethnicity. Best friends with Girl 2. Trying very hard to be cool. Possesses a rebellious streak. Navigating the war that is high school.

Girl 2: About 15. Flexible ethnicity. Best friends with Girl 1. Inquisitive. Navigating the war that is high school.

Cop: A Police Detective. Not white. Stern exterior, but quite caring underneath.


Exploring the psychological residue of post-colonialism, Shiv is a fantastical journey to liberation from one's past, from one's present, and of the destruction that makes rebirth possible.

Shiv: 30s. South Asian woman. There is a stillness and seriousness about her, an otherworldly intensity. A cosmic traveler.

Bapu: 30s. South Asian man, Shiv's father. A poet and a dreamer.

Gerard: Late 20s, early 30s. Caucasian man. Earthbound. Searching for something.

Professor: an older Caucasian man, Gerard's uncle. A scholar specializing in poetry.